2b Altered

VHS to DVD Converting

Do you have a wedding video or baby's-first-steps tape?

If your video is ready to go, you can transfer it to a DVD.


You know about DVDs. You know they're high quality, convenient, and permanent like music CDs.

You know they have menu screens with buttons that let you jump directly to a scene

(no need to wait for tape to rewind or fast forward).


At 2B Altered you are able to convert all your home videos to DVD at very low cost.


A single DVD can hold up to 1 hour of excellent quality and up to 2 hours of very good quality.


Accepted media types

                •    VHS
                •    VHS-C
                •    MiniDV
                •    Video 8


PRICE - $20.00 per DVD

Additional copies are available at $10.00 per disk.


Labor for Video Editing with custom build menus and added background music are charged at $45.00/hour.





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